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Sunday 26th of May 2019
December 13, 2012

Allianz Retail offers Christmas security tips

by Richard Kilner

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Allianz Retail offers Christmas security tips

As Christmas draws nearer Allianz Retail has issued advice to customers and brokers to help ensure properties are as secure as possible over the festive season.

Many spend time away from home, visiting family and friends, which can leave unoccupied homes easy pickings for criminals.

The insurer has issued a range of tips to avoid getting burgled, such as ensuring the house is not entirely dark and therefore conspicuous to burglars.

Allianz also advises that gifts should not be left on display, and that wrapping paper/boxes should be put out only at the last moment.

Announcing one’s absence through social media is discouraged, and regular deliveries of milk, newspapers and so on should be cancelled when the home is empty.

Hannah Baker, community broker manager, said that it was important not to let one’s guard down during the excitement of Christmas.

The advice follows that offered by Allianz earlier this week to avoid leaving gifts on display in cars, and to store them in a locked glove box or boot if they must be kept in a vehicle.


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