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Sunday 26th of May 2019
December 12, 2012

Groupama offers tips to avert burst pipes

by Richard Kilner

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Groupama Insurances has alerted policy householders to pre-emptive measures they should take to help avert burst pipes due to the freezing winter weather.

The firm advises homeowners to keep their heating on a high enough level to prevent freezing occurring, lagging pipes and insulating vulnerable areas, and to check plumbing joints.

Head of Household at Groupama Andy Lomas said that, as a broker only insurer, it was not usual for them to contact policyholders directly on such a vast scale, and that broker support had been gained first.

Lomas added that Groupama did not wish to see a repeat of recent winters when prolonged cold weather during Christmas caused a large number of burst pipes, and gushing water did much damage to empty homes.

Groupama’s advice echoes that of the ABI, who suggested that those planning on going on holiday during Christmas should leave their heating on at a low level to help protect against finding burst pipes upon their return.


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