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December 5, 2012

Apples the top temptation for Christmas thieves

by Gill Montia

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Apples the top temptation for Christmas thieves

Aviva is warning that while “must have” Apple products are likely to fill Christmas stockings this year, iPhones, iPods and iPads are also likely to be on the top 10 list of items stolen over the festive period.

However, burglars will wait until revellers are out celebrating the New Year before attempting to steal their Christmas goodies.

According to ten years’ worth of data from Aviva, homes are 20% more likely to be broken into on December 31st than on an average day over the Christmas period.

But while Christmas Day is relatively theft-free, candles, Christmas lights and cookers working on overtime all add up to the worst day of the year for fire claims, with December 25th seeing a 110% increase compared to an average day.

In addition, desperate last minute shopping could be the reason for a 25% increase in motor accidents in the week before Christmas, although the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the safest time of the whole year for car collisions.

Aviva’s tips for a safe and happy Christmas include:

Don’t make your home look like a shop window for burglars by leaving presents under the tree – try to keep them out of sight until the big day.

Attics and lofts are a good hiding place for presents – it’s usually too much effort for the average burglar to look that hard for items to steal.

Ensure all gift packaging is as unidentifiable as possible when you throw it out – it’s easy to just dump new TV or iPod boxes in or near your outside bin, but it’s a beacon for opportunistic burglars.

Double-check home security before you leave your home for a Christmas or New Year party – ensure all doors, windows, sheds and garages are locked securely and spare keys aren’t on display or near the front door.

Leave lights and the TV or radio on if you’re out so burglars think you’re home.

Be neighbourly – keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour and alert the police if necessary.


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