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Sunday 26th of May 2019
November 26, 2012

QuestGates warns of floods’ environmental aftermath

by Richard Kilner

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QuestGates’ Alan Dobson, director of Environmental Claims, has warned that the potential implications of environmental damage caused by flooding are often ignored in the early stages of the event.

Dobson explained that unless proper assessment and management of the environmental aspects of the flooding occur the ultimate cost faced by insurers and danger faced by the public could be substantial.

Floodwater can, for example, contain hazardous contaminates, and overflowing sewage systems can lead to EColi 0157 remaining in flooded properties.

In rural areas oil storage tanks are more common, and their contents could end up spilling into surrounding floodwater.

Dobson advises insurers to employ a specialist loss adjuster who has environmental expertise and can help reduce the chances of post reinstatement contamination.

There has been widespread and significant flooding across the United Kingdom in recent days, which has prompted the ABI to call on the Government to commit to a joint solution to enable those in flood-prone areas to be able to acquire flood insurance.


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