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November 7, 2012

Zurich discovers what keeps Europeans awake at night

by Gill Montia

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Zurich discovers what keeps Europeans awake at night

New research from Zurich finds that pressure at work/school, the financial crisis and concerns about family are most likely to be keeping Europeans awake at night.

In the UK (45%) financial problems rank first for sleepless nights; in Portugal (50%) and Spain (64%) it’s the financial and euro crisis; for the Swiss (42%), Germans (40%), Austrians (32%) and Russians (44%) pressure at work or at school top the list for sleepless nights.

Getting sick or losing a loved one is seen as the biggest risk by most respondents and car, life and household insurance are considered the most important insurance products.

Across all eight countries surveyed people consider illness and the loss of a loved one to be their biggest risks and life insurance is seen as the most important insurance product for the Portuguese (76%), Spaniards (70%), Italians (66%) and Russians (62%).

The Swiss and Germans on the other hand put most emphasis on liability insurance and car insurance ranks in the top three in seven of the eight counties surveyed.

Also household and accident insurance are among the top mentions, while in Russia, along with life insurance, the protection of children ranks highly.

Europeans are in agreement on one point: if they could insure steady health for themselves and their families, they would do so.

According to the study, social environment (partner, family, friends) provide the greatest sense of security.

However, Italians also draw consolation from insurance and pensions and one in five Swiss sees the political system as a safe haven.

In Germany religion plays a role in providing a sense of security whereas in Italy and the UK it’s the police, and in Portugal and Spain, people look to their doctors.

The survey was conducted for Zurich by GfK during September and October 2012.


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