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November 2, 2012

Weak driver eyesight costs £33m a year

by Richard Kilner

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Weak driver eyesight costs £33m a year

The UK incurs a cost of £33m due to the poor eyesight of drivers, according to a new report commissioned by RSA.

The report is part of the insurer’s Fit to Drive campaign and seeks to raise awareness of the dangers related to driving with poor vision.

RSA has called for the law to be changed, with the current number plate test dropped and replaced by all learner drivers having an eye test from a qualified professional before receiving a provisional licence.

The insurer has also called for eye tests to be mandatory and occur every 10 years, with drivers encouraged to voluntarily have their eyes checked every two years.

Estimates predict that the changes would save the UK economy money every year, saving £14.4m by the tenth year of their use.

In July research from RSA revealed a huge lack of awareness regarding the minimum legal standard of vision, with 90% unaware of what standards are required.


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