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Monday 21st of January 2019
July 26, 2012

JLT lifts the lid on solicitors’ PI

by Gill Montia

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JLT Specialty (JLT) has launched a buyers’ guide to solicitors’ professional indemnity (PI) insurance.

The five-step guide covers risk assessment criteria, the insurance supply chain and the impact of business planning on premiums.

Readers are also invited to explore the purchasing process within the context of broader market conditions.

JLT Specialty partner, Mike Perry, comments: “With the Buyers’ Guide we’re lifting the lid on PI: explaining how firms are assessed and the factors that impact on premiums.”

He adds: “In particular we focus on the insurance rating and purchasing model, which for too long has been shrouded in mystery.”

For the 2012 renewal period, JLT is proposing to bring more choice to the solicitors’ PI market by introducing new options for sole practitioners and small firms.


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