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Friday 26th of April 2019
July 18, 2012

CMI highlights impact of recession on employee health

by Gill Montia

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New research from the Chartered Management Institute paints a bleak picture of the impact of the recession on employee health in UK workplaces.

Compared with 2007, managers today are: working longer hours due to larger workloads; increasingly suffering from ill health including stress and depression; are more likely to come to work despite being sick.

Coupled with this, negative management styles continue to prevail in UK organisations, with the most commonly reported being bureaucratic (45%), reactive (33%), and authoritarian (30%).

In its latest Quality of Working Life report, which involved questioning over 1,000 managers, the Institute claims that negative management styles are linked to poor mental and physical health, reductions in productivity and business decline.

For example, high trust environments experienced much higher employee engagement and far less stress-related health problems – while 13% of junior and middle managers in low trust settings reported having panic attacks, the proportion declined to just 1% in high trust environments.

In addition, “presenteeism” is on the rise with 43% of respondents convinced they can’t take sick leave when they are ill.

The recession also appears to have had a damaging impact on line-management relationships as the number of managers who felt their bosses were committed to supporting employee wellbeing has declined from 55% in 2007 to 39% today.

Finally, the study illustrates how motivation and wellbeing are linked – motivated managers took just 1.3 days sick leave a year, while unmotivated managers took an additional 10 days.


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