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March 24, 2012

Which? finds fault with aggregators

by Gill Montia

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Which? is claiming that the price you see isn’t always the price you pay, when it comes to buying insurance through aggregator sites.

Having tested out 11 of the most popular sites, Which? found many of them using pre-selected answers and assumptions in their online forms and the consumer group warns that this can lead to “one size fits all” policies that could be unsuitable for individual needs or prove invalid in the event of a claim.

Also, when quotes for car insurance were obtained, the research found that many excluded extras such as legal cover, a courtesy car or personal injury cover.

None of the sites asked up front if these were required but on clicking through to the insurers’ websites, on some sites the option to buy these extras was offered at a later stage.

On others sites, these extras were automatically added on and needed to be removed if not required.

In both cases, adding optional extras resulted in an increase to the original quote offered on the price comparison site, Which? claims.

The research also indicates that overall, customer satisfaction with comparison sites has dropped, falling from 46% to just 42% in the last year.

Finally Which? warns that none of the 11 most popular comparison sites covered more than a third of the market for home or travel insurance.

The group’s executive director, Richard Lloyd, says: “Price comparison sites claim to do all of the work for you, but our research found if you want to get the best deal you still need to shop around or it could cost you hundreds of pounds.”

He adds: “We want to see tougher regulation and monitoring of price comparison sites to make sure they treat customers fairly and transparently.”

Which? advice to people when using price comparison sites includes:

Check all questions for preselected answers because missing them could affect your premium price and jeopardise future claims.

Double check all the details to make sure you’re getting the cover you need.

Make sure you get quotes from companies directly as well as using more than one price comparison site because not all providers are listed on comparison sites.

Watch out for unwanted extras because when you click through to a company from a comparison site they may have preselected cover you don’t need.

Make sure you read the privacy policy and check how your information is going to be used.


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