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Thursday 15th of November 2018
December 20, 2011

Tiger.co.uk offers 10 tips for winter driving

by Richard Kilner

Story link: Tiger.co.uk offers 10 tips for winter driving

Price comparison website Tiger.co.uk has unveiled its top 10 tips for winter driving, to help drivers handle the difficult conditions that can occur at this time of year.

The website advocates a seasonal check, to ensure that various parts of the vehicles (oil, brakes, lights tyres and so on) are functioning properly.

The site also suggests keeping plenty of de-icer, as there was a shortage last year, and putting together a bad weather kit, including a warm blanket and first aid kit.

Before setting off motorists are advised to plan their journeys, bearing in mind local weather and traffic reports, and to check that both the fuel tank and the mobile phone are fully topped up.

Whether the conditions are snowy, icy, foggy or rainy, drivers ought to take care and keep a safe distance to the vehicle ahead.

Should the car become stuck in snow motorists are advised to try rocking the car backwards and forwards and not to rev excessively, as this can simply lead to the car becoming bogged down.

Finally, the website suggests the use of sun visors to help prevent the low winter sun cause distracting glare.


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