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Wednesday 16th of January 2019
December 14, 2011

Motorists warned against drink driving

by Richard Kilner

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Car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk has found that drink driving deaths suffer a spike during January, due to the high number of parties for Christmas and New Year and a corresponding police crackdown.

The website also warns that the popular myth of being able to know how close to the limit you are is actually false, as (aside from quantity of alcohol drunk), there are a range of other factors.

Height, weight, gender, age, metabolic rate and stress all affect the rate at which alcohol is processed by the body, making it easy to accidentally be over the limit.

Tiger.co.uk warned drivers that drink driving is a criminal offence (unlike speeding which is a traffic offence) and those convicted could face prison.

Worryingly, car insurer LV= discovered through a Freedom of Information request in October that there are still hundreds of drivers convicted of drink driving, with 3% found guilty but not disqualified from driving.


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