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November 24, 2011

Perkins Slade offers winter advice

by Richard Kilner

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As winter approaches, Perkins Slade has offered homeowners some guidance regarding the best way to stave off the worst effects of the cold weather.

Almost a third (30%) of people are unaware of where their stopcock is, rendering them helpless should burst pipes occur and increasing the eventual bill.

In addition, many people (the elderly and those with arthritis amongst them) find a brass stopcock impossible to use.

Perkins Slade advises that central heating systems and thermostats should be checked to ensure that they are working properly, and keeping the heating on during cold snaps to prevent freezing.

The firm also suggest lagging any exposed pipes, ensuring knowledge of where to turn off the mains water supply if necessary and replacing washers on dripping taps.

Should pipes freeze or burst the water supply should be turned off and a plumber contacted immediately (an electrician ought to be called if necessary).

A frozen pipe ought to be thawed gently, for example with a hair-drier rather than a blowtorch.

According to figures from AXA, ‘escape of waters’ claims have spiked by 50% during the last two winters but only half of people take the most basic measures (lagging pipes and leaving the heating on) to prevent such woe.


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