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November 20, 2011

Annual car vandalism bill heads for £1bn

by Gill Montia

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Vandals have caused £953 million worth of damage to British cars in the past year, with one in five drivers affected, according to research from LV=.

More than half of all drivers have been a victim of car vandalism at some point and a quarter have had their vehicle defaced twice, while one in 10 have have suffered three or four attacks.

Scratching with a key is the most popular means of messing up a vehicle, followed by smashing windows (26%), smashing mirrors (22%), bending antennas (11%) and slashing tyres (10%).

The majority of car vandals strike after dusk and residential streets prove no deterrent, as cars are most likely to be damaged while parked outside their owner’s home or even on the driveway.

However, vehicle vandals are not entirely indiscriminate, as convertible cars are twice as likely to get vandalised than other types of vehicle.

Forty-four per cent of respondents reckoned car vandalism is on the increase, although the overall picture is hard to grasp as the research suggests only 48% of incidents are reported to the police.

The average cost of an attack stands at £260 but non-reporting drivers thought the damage wasn’t worth making a fuss about or that there wasn’t enough evidence to bring the vandal to justice.

Even so, car vandalism is seen as a major issue by 56% of all drivers questioned, with some even put off buying a prestige car for fear of vandals.

Using its claims date, LV= has identified the UK’s top 10 worst areas for car vandalism as follows: Enfield; South East London; Bournemouth; North West London; Brighton; Southall; Romford; Southend on Sea; Rochester and Edinburgh.


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