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October 31, 2011

AXA warns homeowners to beware tricks

by Richard Kilner

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AXA warns homeowners to beware tricks

Home insurer AXA has warned homeowners of the potential for significant damage during Halloween.

Almost 10% of UK households have been damaged at one time or another by trick or treaters, and whilst most damage is minor some can be serious.

Claims can increase by as much as 200% on Halloween compared to a typical day, with the average Halloween claim for malicious damage costing more than £1300.

Vandalism and damage committed often includes graffiti, broken windows and damaged paintwork.

Three-quarters of Britons will spend money on Halloween this year, with four out of ten not bothering to secure their homes properly and one in 20 inviting trick or treaters to ‘trick’ them.

Christine Matthews, head of household claims at AXA, explained that whilst most trick or treaters are harmless some were intent upon causing trouble.

Matthews urged homeowners to secure their houses properly and parents to ensure that their children were not causing damage.

Last week Aviva warned that vandalism, theft and burglary would surge in the week following the clocks changing, with Bonfire night the worst night of the year for burglaries.


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