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October 12, 2011

“Fighting Fraud Together” launched today

by Gill Montia

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Today has seen the launch of “Fighting Fraud Together” a new initiative made possible by 34 organisations (including the Insurance Fraud Bureau) joining forces to address fraud in the UK.

The Government, industry representatives, voluntary groups and law enforcement agencies have sign up to a joint commitment to tackle fraud by:

1. Expanding and extending the successful activities that exist in their sectors.

2. Sharing fraud intelligence across boundaries to prevent and disrupt the activities of fraudsters.

3. Emphasising fraud prevention through greater fraud awareness and self protection, combined with stronger government and industry prevention systems and controls.

A new research tool should help all sectors provide more targeted prevention advice to the public and develop a better understanding of small businesses’ vulnerability to fraud and the support needed.

Furthermore, improved intelligence capabilities at the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau should help with the speedy closure of the channels through which fraudsters operate and launder their ill-gotten gains.

Looking ahead, a new Economic Crime Command at the National Crime Agency is being developed to provide a more effective, better co-ordinated and intelligence-led response across all the UK’s economic crime fighting agencies.

Commenting on the launch, National Fraud Authority chief executive, Stephen Harrison, says: “As a result of Fighting Fraud Together I expect to see more sharing of intelligence, more fraud losses prevented, a greater number of criminal enterprises disrupted, more assets denied and more criminals brought to justice.”


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