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August 26, 2011

Motorists advised to keep cool this bank holiday

by Richard Kilner

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Motorists advised to keep cool this bank holiday

Insurer Direct Line and road safety charity Brake are urging drivers not to succumb to distraction or stress whilst driving during the forthcoming bank holiday.

The call comes as new research reveals that 71% of drivers in the last year have lost concentration whilst driving due to stress induced by inconsiderate road users or other worries.

The research also found that 42% of drivers have been distracted by passengers in the car.

Bank holidays can be particularly stressful times to drive, due to the typical heat, congested roads and bickering children.

Brake and Direct Line advise motorists feeling stressed to pull over and take a little time to relax, if they feel their concentration is being negatively affected.

However, not all distractions are necessarily stress-related.

Earlier this year Direct Line commissioned research which found that 15% of male motorists had been distracted by the presence of an attractive female passenger (only 7% of female drivers admitted a corresponding difficulty), with women more likely to have their concentration disrupted by the presence of their mother.


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