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August 16, 2011

AXA warns against dangerous new crazes

by Richard Kilner

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AXA warns against dangerous new crazes

Travel insurer AXA has warned British travellers that claims made due to dangerous new crazes will be rejected.

AXA has seen a spike in such claims, with as many made in the summer of this year as in the whole of 2010.

The insurer blames the rise in claims (such as falling off of balconies) on the rising popularity of owling, planking and batting, which see people take photographs of themselves in unusual positions, in order to post them online.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this behaviour frequently coincides with inebriation (which can itself render a claim void) and the insurer has warned holidaymakers that such claims may very well be rejected.

Once repatriation and healthcare costs are added together, the cost of claims can run into tens of thousands of pounds (repatriation from the US costs £60,000).

Roman Bryl, underwriting manager at AXA travel insurance, said that the firm was concerned at the rise in accidents and urged people to consider the risks to health and finances when considering whether to take part in a dangerous craze.

In a similar vein, last month Direct Line Travel Insurance warned that overseas stag and hen parties were leading to rather unpleasant consequences.

Of those who took part, 12% became lost in a foreign country, 2% missed their flights home and 115,000 stated they knew someone who had a piercing or tattoo that was cause for regret.


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