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Sunday 26th of May 2019
August 9, 2011

Brits opt for the “XL” family holiday

by Gill Montia

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Esure has detected a growing trend among Brits as an increasing number of couples opt for the “XL” family holiday.

According to the insurer, one in four families are now jetting off abroad in the company of at least six relatives, with over half of this group convinced they will save almost £400 by extending the nuclear family.

Four in ten respondents are also interested in spending more quality time with their wider families and one-quarter are taking grandparents along so they have babysitters on tap.

Other reasons for an outsized booking include landmarks such as anniversaries or birthdays, and grandparents offering to pay for the entire holiday.

The research also reveals that the most common overseas destinations for this year’s XL trips are Spain, France, Italy and Greece, with the cost estimated at around £2,500.

Esure’s head of travel insurance, Nikki Sellers, comments: “Going away on holiday with several family members can have numerous benefits – there are plenty of people to have fun with, it can work out cheaper booking a villa for everyone and couples also get the chance to enjoy each other’s company knowing their children are being entertained.”


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