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Friday 26th of April 2019
July 14, 2011

Crime maps decrease reporting of crime

by Richard Kilner

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Crime maps decrease reporting of crime

New research commissioned by Direct Line has revealed that 5.2m people have not reported a crime because of the fear it would deter buyers/renters if the incident appeared on a police crime map.

Three-quarters (3.9m) of those not reporting crime have ignored vandalism, drug dealing or similar offences, and 45% have not reported stolen or vandalised vehicles.

More serious crimes are also going unreported, with 11% not reporting being the victim of or witness to violent assault.

The recently created crime maps are of great use to those house-hunting, with 74% stating they would use such a tool before buying a house.

Andrew Morrell, head of Direct Line Home Insurance, has described the trend of not reporting crimes as extremely worrying and warned that homeowners who do not report a crime may find securing an insurance payout difficult as they will lack a crime number.

The concerning statistics follows those from LV= released earlier this week, which revealed that just 44% of burglars get a custodial sentence and, of those who don’t, 52% go on to reoffend.


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