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April 19, 2011

Travellers warned against leaving without insurance

by Richard Kilner

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Travellers warned against leaving without insurance

A new survey by Direct Line has revealed that 3.2 million Britons would go without travel insurance to increase their spending money on holiday.

Saving on duty free (61%) and new clothes (60%) proved the most popular economies when saving for a holiday, but one out of 15 Britons indicated they would risk travelling without insurance to save money.

There is a clear gender divide, with 2.9 million men (9%) willing to cut travel insurance compared to just 1 million women (4%).

In addition, Londoners are likeliest to travel without insurance (9%), more than twice as likely as those from Yorkshire & Humberside and Wales (4% each).

However, the starkest contrast is that of age, with 12% of 18-34 year olds happy to risk travelling insurance free compared to just 2% of the over 55s.

Tom Bishop, head of Direct Line travel insurance, warned that travelling without insurance could be penny-wise but pound-foolish as the potential cost of lost luggage or medical bills far outweighed the price of travel insurance.

Travelling without insurance is not a new problem, however, and in December last year the ABI warned that thousands of Britons would head for skiing holidays without insurance, risking enormous medical bills.


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