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Sunday 18th of November 2018
April 12, 2011

British homes “shop window” of opportunity for thieves

by Gill Montia

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Ageas has joined forces with the Neighbourhood Watch Trust to persuade Britons not to make their homes a “shop window” of opportunity for thieves.

New research carried out on behalf of the insurer indicates that homes across the UK have an average £1,223 in valuables (such as TVs, other electronic goods, antiques and works of art) clearly displayed for would-be burglars to see through windows.

The findings also suggest that nearly one in five people have £2,000 or more worth of valuables on display to passers-by.

Ageas managing director, Mark Cliff, comments: “With the lighter nights we’re more likely to leave curtains undrawn for longer, so now is the time to take stock and exercise caution.”

Roy Rudham, Chairman of UK Neighbourhood Watch Trust adds: “People should treat their homes like they treat their cars – don’t leave valuables on show, lock the doors and make sure you are insured.”

Top tips for homeowners include:

Ensuring that expensive electronic games, laptops and other valuables are kept out of sight from windows.

Ensuring that all goods are marked with a security pen and properly recorded and photographed.

In the absence of net curtains, experimenting with the angle of any blinds fitted to allow light in but no view from outside.


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