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March 30, 2011

Employers emotional over long-term sick leave

by Gill Montia

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Employers emotional over long-term sick leave

Half of employers questioned in a recent survey consider long-term sick leave to be an issue for their business, with 27% admitting it gives them a major staffing headache.

However, new research from Aviva UK Health also indicates that employers feel the strain emotionally when managing more complex illnesses in the workplace.

While musculoskeletal problems still heavily contribute to work absence (27%), companies also deal with more emotive conditions such as cancer (19%), mental health issues (30%), drink and drug related issues (16%) and heart problems (16%).

Over one third of firms questioned said they struggle with balancing their legal obligations to the employee with managing the business, and nearly one in five admitted that when dealing with a potentially life threatening condition, they find it even harder to manage the needs of business and their duty of care to the employee.

Aviva UK Health’s head of group risk, Steve Bridger, says: “Employees need care and consideration when they are unwell but, crucially they also need expert physical and psychological support to help them return to, and stay in work.”

He adds: “At Aviva we are constantly working with our group risk customers … we can help them put in place solutions that offer their employees the support they need while helping to drive down absence rates.”


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