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Tuesday 21st of May 2019
March 22, 2011

AXA identifies the Stop Start driver

by Gill Montia

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AXA identifies the Stop Start driver

A recent study from AXA suggests that there is a new sub-class of 1.5 million young drivers who are a potential hazard to themselves and others, when on the road.

Dubbed “Stop Start Drivers”, they are aged 17 to 29 and have passed their tests but rarely get behind the wheel.

When they do, they are more likely to cause an accident, (per hours spent on the road).

According to the research, nearly one in five driving licence holders in this age group drive only once or twice a month and only 45% are confident that they remember all, or most, of what they learnt for their tests.

When asked a series of questions about the Highway Code, 45% of Stop Starters wrongly identified the maximum speed limit on the motorway; 46% failed to identify a no waiting sign; 23% thought a no overtaking sign meant overtaking was allowed and 73% didn’t know what a zig-zag line on the road meant.

The study also revealed that the main reason Stop Start Drivers don’t drive regularly is cost i.e. that of buying, running and insuring a car.


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