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Monday 20th of May 2019
November 29, 2010

Perkins Slade offers weather tips

by Richard Kilner

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Following the early incidence of winter weather, and with a prolonged cold snap forecast, independent broker Perkins Slade has offered homeowners tips on how best to safeguard their homes from the wintry weather.

Homeowners should check their central heating and ensure the thermostat is working properly, and those with older boilers should consider installing frost thermostats.

In addition, heating should be kept on constantly, including overnight, to prevent pipes freezing and then bursting.

Perkins Slade also advocates lagging exposed pipes and making sure that the means of turning off the main water supply is known.

Should the home be vacant for a period of time the central heating system should be drained and the main water supply turned off, or the heating should be kept on at 10C.

According to BBC weather forecasts the cold weather, including the earliest snowfall for over a decade, could last two weeks.


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