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November 25, 2010

UK motorists back bigger fines for uninsured drivers

by Richard Kilner

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UK motorists back bigger fines for uninsured drivers

According to new research from Direct Line British motorists want fines for uninsured drivers to increase to £900, an increase of 350% from the present £200 fine.

There is presently a proposal to decrease the fine to just £50, which may prove unpopular with disgruntled motorists.

In addition, 34% of drivers want those caught driving without insurance to have to re-take their driving test, with 28% preferring a life ban for driving without insurance.

Furthermore, 77% of motorists back the idea of an uninsured drivers’ hotline or website where members of the public could tip off the authorities if they know of someone driving without insurance.

Direct Line Motor Underwriting Director Andy Goldby has emphasised the firm’s strong support for the British motorist, who are sick of having an additional £30 added to their premiums to cover the costs of uninsured drivers.

In October research from confused.com suggested a strong gender and age divide when it comes to driving without insurance.

More than eight out of 10 of those convicted of the crime are male, and 42% are under 26.

The low age of many offenders is specifically increasing premiums for younger drivers, pricing many out of the market and leading to many young drivers choosing to drive without insurance due to the high costs.


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