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Friday 26th of April 2019
November 10, 2010

Hiscox offers flood advice

by Richard Kilner

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Hiscox has urged homeowners to take a number of practical steps to help safeguard their properties before forecast heavy rain and potential flooding arrives.

London and the South East of England have been given a number of severe or extreme weather warnings by the Met Office.

Hiscox home insurance expert Austyn Tusler warned that heavy rain could cause serious damage to homes, but added that some preparation could help minimise the impact of extreme weather.

Homeowners are advised to move furniture, electrical equipment and valuables upstairs and to prepare an emergency kit in case of evacuation or becoming trapped (including blankets, torches, waterproof clothing, food, water and a first aid kit).

In addition, knowing how to cut the electricity and gas (in the dark) is also useful, as is compiling a list of helpful numbers and making sure all important documents are safe.

Lastly, sandbags can help when piled up to help minimise water seeping into the home.

Ever since the devastating floods of 2007 heavy rain and flooding have remained high in the public’s mind, but due to economic conditions the Coalition Government recently announced cuts to the flood defence budget.

The Association of British Insurers expressed disappointment at the cut and warned that a long-term plan was needed to tackle the increasing risk of flooding over the next 25 years.


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