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Friday 26th of April 2019
November 5, 2010

Pet owners urged to be careful on the 5th

by Richard Kilner

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Pet owners urged to be careful on the 5th

As Guy Fawkes Night approaches, pet owners are being urged by Direct Line pet insurance to protect their pets from the potentially traumatic night of fireworks exploding for hours on end.

Direct Line’s Claire Foster explained that pets injure themselves every year as they strain to escape the loud and bright fireworks, and many go missing when they bolt from their owners.

Direct Line advocates keeping pets indoors whilst fireworks are going off, closing windows and doors to minimise noise and turning on the radio and/or TV for similar effect.

The firm also advises pet owners to make sure their pets are microchipped and have ID tags, in case they do go missing, and to act calmly to help keep pets from becoming more distressed.

However, it is not only pets who can find Bonfire Night troublesome, but homeowners too.

AXA Insurance has revealed that malicious acts of damage spike during the Halloween/Bonfire Night week, with a wide range of criminal acts including hacking down fences for bonfire fuel and egging windows.


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