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September 1, 2010

swiftcover reveals insurance claims tricks

by Gill Montia

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Online car insurer, swiftcover.com, is suggesting that motorists are increasingly trying to get insurers to pay for old damage and normal wear and tear as part of genuine insurance claims.

To combat the trend, the company has published the top insurance claims tricks and misconceptions as follows:

The “Two For One” claim – a driver will pass-off old damage to their vehicle as being caused by an accident, hoping that the insurance claim will cover repairs.

The “While You’re There” claim – a driver will ask a garage to fix old damage as part of the accident repair “as a favour, while you’re there”.

The “Not Actually a Claim” claim – drivers try and claim for mechanical problems caused by general wear and tear.

The “It Must Have Been Caused by the Accident” claim – drivers demand that problems uncovered during the repair work, but not connected to the accident, be fixed or replaced as part of the insurance claim.

The “It Was In My Boot or Glove Box” claim – owners may claim for expensive items stolen from safely locked up boots or the glove boxes despite the fact that thieves usually target cars where valuable items are on clear display.

The “Showroom Condition” myth – drivers expect their vehicles to be returned to them in showroom condition despite the fact their car was in a dilapidated state before the crash.

The “Free Service and Mot” claim – many drivers ask for, or even expect, a free service as part of the repairs carried out under the insurance claim.

Finally, the “Main Dealer Myth” claim – many drivers believe their cars can only be fixed by a main dealer, particularly if it is still under warranty, a perception that is promulgated by the main dealers themselves who stand to gain the most by snaffling up repair work and claiming to be “specialists”.

Earlier this week, new research from Co-operative Insurance revealed that the average car insurance premium carries a £50 penalty to cover costs incurred by fraudulent and uninsured drivers.


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