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Thursday 15th of November 2018
August 31, 2010

Homeowners give thieves a sporting chance

by Richard Kilner

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Specialist home insurer Hiscox has commissioned research which reveals that homeowners are exposing themselves by leaving valuable sports equipment, unsecured, in gardens and garages.

The goods, with an average value of £770, are left in gardens and car boots by 53% of the professionals surveyed.

More than a quarter (26%) also admitted that their gardens and outbuildings were not properly secured.

Two out of every five either do use their sporting equipment only seasonally (21%) or have not touched it for a year (19%).

Over a third (37%) are unsure whether or not their sporting goods are insured, and 15% acknowledge that they are not.

Hiscox home insurance expert Austyn Tusler explained that it was easy for homeowners to focus upon newer sports equipment, and neglect the less used, older goods at the back of sheds and garages.


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