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Friday 26th of April 2019
August 4, 2010

AA launches learner driver policy

by Gill Montia

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AA launches learner driver policy

The AA has joined forces with Collingwood Insurance Services to offer a policy for learner drivers that won’t affect the car owner’s insurance.

Learner Driver Insurance is available online and costs from £96.50 for an initial 28-day period of fully-comprehensive cover.

AA Insurance and Driving School, director, Simon Douglas, says: “Many parents are put off adding their youngster as a ‘named driver’ to their policy because the additional premium could run into several hundreds of pounds.”

He adds: “As a result many learners … don’t build up the ‘driving hours’ that are important to gain both confidence and competence to drive safely once they have passed their test.”

In a further demonstration of goodwill towards learner drivers, the AA Driving School has launched a scheme to help people develop skills for coaching learners.

According to research by the organisation, learners who build on their formal lessons by practising with family or friends have a better chance of passing their tests and are likely to be safer behind the wheel.

In related news, the AA’s latest British Insurance Premium Index has recently revealed that car insurance premiums are rising faster than ever, with an 11% increase in the second quarter of 2010.


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