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July 21, 2010

World First tips for choosing the right travel policy

by Gill Montia

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World First has drawn up a series of tips aimed at helping those about to purchase travel insurance.

According to the firm there’s a lot to consider before buying a policy and going for the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best option.

Managing partner, Martin Rothwell, explains: “I’d urge people to … speak to specialists in order to get the best policy.”

He adds: “This doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive either – it just has to be right.”

World First’s tips are as follows:

Don’t be interrupted by eruptions; make sure your travel insurance policy will protect you.

Diving, jet skiing and bungee jumping are often excluded from policies unless a specific request is made, so even travellers who only think they might take part in such activities should have them included in a quote.

Any pre-existing medical conditions should be declared and cover confirmed in writing by the insurer.

Different insurers have different definitions of what a medical condition is, so read the key facts and make sure any conditions are covered.

All travel insurance companies expect policyholders to act sensibly … insurers won’t pay out if the claim is due to being excessively drunk or has anything to do with non-prescribed medication.

Make sure you know where you are going as different companies have different definitions of “Europe” or “Worldwide”. Egypt could be either.

World First currently offers single trip travel insurance policies from £7 and annual cover from £18.


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