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Tuesday 16th of October 2018
May 15, 2010

Clarks top motor accident rate list

by Gill Montia

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In a lighthearted piece of research elephant.co.uk has established that drivers carrying the surname Clark make the most car accident claims.

Allen and Lewis follow on, with motorists named Green, Watson, Stewart and Jackson also high on the list.

According to the online insurer, Clarks are 10% more likely than the average driver to be found completing an accident claim form, while those named Roberts are 15% less likely to be involved in a crash.

Elephant.co.uk managing director, Brian Martin, says: “Although the survey is a bit of fun, there are obvious differences in the accident rates of some surnames compared with others.”

He adds: “However, we all know not every Clark is going to be a risky driver, and not every Roberts is going to be a particularly safe driver and it’s definitely not something we rate our policies on.”

The analysis made use of Elephant’s database of over 350,000 motor accident claims over the last three years and the key results are as follows:

Most accident-prone surnames for drivers: 1. Clark, 2. Allen, 3. Lewis, 4. Green, 5. Watson, 6. Stewart, 7. Jackson, 8. Baker, 9. Cooper, 10. Mitchell

Least accident-prone surnames: 1. Roberts, 2. Hall, 3. Davies, 4. Hill, 5. Wood, 6. Hughes, 7. Bell, 8. Jones, 9. Young, 10. Turner


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