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March 25, 2010

Aviva settles £300,000 car repair bill

by Gill Montia

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Aviva settles £300,000 car repair bill

Aviva has setted a car repair bill of £300,000.

The group insured a Pagan Ronda S, which collided with a telegraph pole and passed through a fence in the Aberdeen area, in September 2009.

The vehicle, which cost in excess of £500,000, was badly damaged and sent for repair to Pagan’s Mokena factory in Italy, which produces around 10 of the hand-made sports cars each year.

An Aviva spokesman said the claim is the biggest insurance payout the group has had for repairs to a private car in the UK.

A test driver was at the wheel at the time of the crash and the owner’s insurers have not been involved in the claim.

The Pagan Ronda S is constructed from carbon fibre, titanium and aircraft specification aluminium. It can reach speeds of 220mph.


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