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Wednesday 22nd of May 2019
February 24, 2010

Aviva promotes life and critical illness coverage

by Richard Kilner

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Aviva promotes life and critical illness coverage

New research commissioned by Aviva has revealed that the British household would only have enough money to cover bills for a fortnight should they or a partner suffer critical illness or death.

According to the research 24% would be able to access only £100 without borrowing, and that without borrowing the average household would have access to only £914, under half of average weekly expenditure (£471).

This is a figure dwarfed by the average Aviva critical illness payout of £78,707.

The insurer has warned that most Britons are unprepared for catastrophe, with only 37% possessing life or critical illness coverage.

Fifty-nine percent of Britons consider it the individual’s responsibility to cover any drop in income, but 17% believe it is the government’s responsibility with 9% expecting loss in earnings due to illness or death be covered by the employer.

Aviva’s Louise Colley has said that proper coverage can help alleviate money worries during a tragedy such as critical illness or death, and has encouraged households to take up life and critical illness coverage.


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