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Thursday 18th of October 2018
January 12, 2010

Kwik Fit Insurance sees surge in breakdown calls

by Richard Kilner

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The prolonged cold spell affecting the UK has seen Kwik Fit Insurance experience a surge in calls of 57% from motorists whose vehicles have broken down due to the severe weather.

Record numbers have called the firm to report being unable to start their cars, or having suffered accidents due to the treacherous driving conditions.

Call Assist provides Kwik Fit’s breakdown cover and has 5,000 mechanics ready to react to breakdown calls, which have risen by 41%.

Flat batteries affected more than a third of callers, with another significant problem being flat tyres on icy roads causing skidding.

Kwik Fit Insurance has sent guides to driving in wintery weather to 300,000 customers to help reduce the number of accidents suffered, particularly important as the cold spell is forecast to continue for a short time at least.

Group MD Brendan Devine has advised all motorists to start up their car regularly even if not using it in the present difficult conditions in order to prevent the battery going flat.

Last week the Association of British Insurers warned drivers against leaving their cars unattended with the engine running to defrost during the freezing weather.

Doing so not only exposes drivers to the risk of vehicle theft, but may also invalidate insurance policies.


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