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November 30, 2009

UK home to Europe’s most conscientious drivers

by Gill Montia

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UK home to Europe’s most conscientious drivers

British motorist are receiving praise for their safety conscious and law abiding approach to driving.

In its annual survey of driver behaviour across ten European countries, AXA has named UK as home to the most conscientious motorists.

The research takes into account eleven different driving behaviours, some of which are demanded under the law and others regarded as “courteous” or “sensible”.

While 4% of British drivers admit to driving while under the influence of alcohol the European average came in at 21% and 40% in Luxembourg.

Brits are also less likely to drive without a seatbelt (9% versus an average of 17%) and use a mobile phone while driving (12% versus an average of 30%).

Speeding, jumping lights and overtaking on a solid white line are also avoided by the average Britain, with UK rates for these offences lower than across Europe as a whole.

However, Brits are prone to driving for more than two hours without a break, and to overtaking on this inside on motorways.

Only motorists in Luxembourg and Germany are more likely to drive for long periods without breaks and the Belgians and Portuguese are the only nations to be “undertaking” more often than British drivers.

AXA head of motor claims, Chris Voller, comments: “These findings reveal British drivers are generally pretty safe behind the wheel and it is especially pleasing to see, in the run up to Christmas, such a low level of drink driving.”

The survey makes no mention of driving while under the influence of drugs, which would appear to be a significant problem among young British drivers.

The 2009 RAC Report on Motoring claims that 10% of young drivers questioned had driven while under the influence of drugs, although younger drivers are less likely to drink-drive than their older counterparts.

Of the 45 to 64-year-olds questioned, 32% admitted to driving while potentially over the drink-drive limit, compared to 24% of 17 to 24-year-olds.


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