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Sunday 26th of May 2019
October 28, 2009

HomeLet see sales surge by 121%

by Richard Kilner

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Over the course of the last half-year HomeLet has managed to double the number of policies it has sold, partly due to the new Tenants Contents Insurance + product and also because of the rising demand.

In addition, landlords are turning more and more to Rent Guarantee Insurance to protect them against the possibility of tenants failing to pay rent.

HomeLet’s tenants contents insurance policy sales increased from January to September by a staggering 121%.

The firm believes that the rising demand, and rising sales, is an indication that many tenants are viewing renting as a longterm rather than interim option.

It also reflects the increased danger of burglary and theft that has occurred since the recession began and unemployment started its continuing rise upwards.

The Tenants Contents Insurance + was launched in June, specifically to protect tenants against the possible dangers of renting.

John Boyle, MD, has expressed his great delight at the 121% rise in sales, and emphasised the firm’s commitment to competitive prices and comprehensive coverage.


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