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Thursday 15th of November 2018
September 26, 2009

Brits want tougher punishments for uninsured drivers

by David Masters

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Nearly two thirds of Brits believe motorists who drive without insurance should face stricter penalties.

A poll by moneysupermarket.com found 62% of people think uninsured drivers should be given harsher punishments.

The number of motorists taking to the road without insurance has increased by a third in the past year.

Moneysupermarket.com, however, believes getting tough on motorists is not the way to deal with this rise.

Steve Sweeney, moneysupermarket.com’s head of motor insurance, said: “I don’t think harsher punishments are the right way to combat this.

“We need a solution, not more fines.

“Some car insurance providers had piloted a pay-as-you-drive insurance scheme which saw lower premiums for Britain’s younger motorists.

“It also made them think twice about driving their cars unnecessarily.

“I would suggest it is time for the insurance industry to revisit these innovative models to help drive down the cost of insurance.”

He added that the government should consider making driving tests more difficult to reduce the risk of insuring younger drivers.

Consumer rights group Which? agreed with Sweeney’s analysis.

Dan Moore, Which? car insurance expert, said: “Insurers should be taking the lead in encouraging consumers to buy adequate insurance, and reviewing their pricing structures seems to be the best starting point.”

The maximum penalty for motorists caught driving without insurance is a £200 on the spot fine, six points on their driving licence, and having their car impounded.


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