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September 24, 2009

London drivers top “uninsured” list

by Gill Montia

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New research from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) shows the extent to which uninsured drivers blight some of the UK’s largest conurbations.

According to the MIB, 13% of vehicles in the Greater London area are being driven without insurance, followed by 12% across Merseyside and 10% in Greater Manchester.

West Yorkshire and the West Midlands take joint fourth place with 7% of vehicles on the road without insurance.

The MIB estimates that over 1.7 million motorists drove without insurance in 2008 and the Bureau has just launched a campaign urging drivers not to let their car insurance lapse, even when finances are tight.

Those who do are reminded that they could receive six penalty points, a fixed penalty of £200, and also run the risk of having their vehicle seized.

Around 500 uninsured vehicles are seized each day and MIB chief executive, Ashton West, says the number of drivers caught each year is increasing significantly.

He comments: “The message to motorists is clear: driving uninsured is simply not worth the risk.”

New measures to make life even more difficult for uninsured drivers were announced by the Government earlier this year.

Plans are underway to create an offence of keeping an uninsured vehicle.

Those identified as owning an uninsured vehicle, whether driven or not, will be given a set period in which to take out cover, or face a fine of £100.

Vehicles that remain uninsured may be seized and destroyed, even if the fine has been paid.

However, people who keep vehicles on private land will not be required to take out insurance if they complete a Statutory Off Road Notification and sent it to DVLA.


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