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Wednesday 20th of March 2019
September 17, 2009

Letsure releases Rentsure Complete

by Richard Kilner

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Letsure has launched a new product aimed the landlord market.

Rentsure Complete is a combined reference and Rent Guarantee product, and puts together the firm’s Rent Guarantee insurance with its Comprehensive reference product.

Rentsure Complete has been designed to offer the highest level of coverage with the smallest price tag, covers various breaches of tenancy including legal protection for evicting tenants on the ground of non-payment of rent.

The technical aspects of such an eviction would be handled entirely by Letsure’s legal experts.

Until the eviction process is finished, rent will be paid for 11 months at 100%, and then 75% for a subsequent two months.

Managing Director Ian Fraser has stated that the product had been released to allow landlords to simultaneously acquire Rent Guarantee insurance and references.


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