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September 16, 2009

Spouses beneficial for car premiums

by Gill Montia

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Swiftcover.com is promoting legally binding relationships by pointing out that car insurance premiums can be cheaper for those who enter matrimony or a civil partnership.

The insurer suggests that any savings can therefore offset wedding costs that these days average almost £16,000.

For example, a man adding his female spouse could see a premium cut from over £388 to under £345.

If both drivers are male and in a civil partnership, the new premium would be around £348 because male drivers are considered a higher risk than females.

For a woman driver putting her male spouse on her policy, a premium could fall from just over £341 to around £303 and the cost for two women in a civil partnership also reduces to around £303.

Couples who aren’t legally bound can also benefit, whether they are heterosexual or same-sex partners, although the savings are unlikely to be as much as for drivers in a legally recognised partnership.

Swiftcover marketing director, Tina Shortle, says: “Many married couples may not realise that they can make significant savings by adding their spouses to their car insurance.”

She adds: “It’s also important to note that same sex couples in a civil partnership will also get lower insurance premiums and swiftcover.com’s online quote system has been designed to enable drivers to add a spouse of either sex.”

Last week, swiftcover, declared itself one of the “few motor insurers to actually cover musicians”.

However, the insurer has not necessarily entered into this area of the market willingly.

Following a row involving the Advertising Standards Authority over the appearance of Iggy Pop in swiftcover’s TV and poster campaign, the firm chose to insure musicians rather than drop the adverts.

It later declared that sales soared by almost a third as a result of the campaign.


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