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Friday 26th of April 2019
August 28, 2009

Sexy pedestrians distract male drivers

by David Masters

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Sexy pedestrians distract male drivers

Three quarters of motorists admit to having been distracted while driving.

The most likely distractions include attractive people in other cars, attractive pedestrians, and a “nice view”.

Seven in ten men admit to being distracted by an attractive person in another car or on the street, compared with just a quarter of women.

“A nice view” is the top overall distraction, with 75% of those polled admitting to taking their eyes off the road to admire the surrounding countryside.

Other eye-catchers include billboard adverts, roadside art, and low-flying aircraft.

AA believes these distractions could be behind the increased number of claims during August.

“We do notice an increase in the number of minor shunts during August,” said Simon Douglas, AA Insurance director.

“This research suggests distractions are likely to be a factor in the accident statistics, although most people are unlikely to admit it on a claim form – especially if they were eyeing up an attractive member of the opposite sex, perhaps showing off a lot of their suntan!”

The AA advises stopping on the roadside to admire a view if possible.

“Our best advice is to stop in a safe place if you can, to look at views or other roadside features,” Douglas said.

“A collision would ruin your journey – to say nothing of having to pay an insurance excess, possible loss of your no-claim bonus and the risk of a careless driving conviction.

“Keep your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and try to shut out other diversions – no matter how decorative.”


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