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Wednesday 16th of January 2019
June 30, 2009

Summer heatwave will escalate subsidence risk

by David Masters

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As this summer’s heatwave sweeps across the UK, homeowners have been warned to check that their buildings insurance covers them against subsidence.

Over-50s insurer RIAS said soaring temperatures expected this summer could cause subsidence across a number of areas in the UK, especially in clay soil areas.

At risk towns and cities include Chelmsford, Colchester, London, Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Southend-on-Sea, RIAS said.

“Whilst we are all delighted that the summer is here, the hotter weather does have long-term implications for homeowners,” said Janet Connor, RIAS managing director.

“Our research has identified areas of the UK where homeowners need to be extra vigilant that their household buildings cover is comprehensive and offers them protection against subsidence.”

Subsidence repairs cost more than £7,000 on average, and houses built before 1965 are particularly susceptible to subsidence damage.

Last year nearly 28,000 claims were submitted for subsidence damage, totalling £137 million.

Research by RSA shows that trees are responsible for around 70% of valid subsidence claims.

It can be difficult for households at risk of subsidence to find insurance cover. Price comparison site Moneysupermarket.com recommends that households struggling to find cover should approach a specialist insurer such as Adrian Flux or insurancechoice.


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