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Sunday 18th of November 2018
May 26, 2009

Australia’s floods leave thousands isolated

by David Masters

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Torrential rain in northeast Australia has created an ‘inland sea’, leaving thousands of homeowners cut off from the mainland.

At least two people have died from the extreme weather, whilst thousands more have fled their homes.

Up to 20,000 people in small communities have been isolated by the floodwaters, New South Wales State Emergency Services (SES) said.

The floods, covering areas across Queensland and New South Wales, are the worst in the region for over 30 years, with a third of the average annual rainfall pouring from the skies in just 24 hours.

The rain was coupled with high winds of up to 55mph, causing 6 metre high swells along the Queensland coast.

New South Wales Premier, Nathan Rees, said the floods have created an ‘inland sea’.

Speaking after a flight over the floods, Rees said: “You see the towns that are isolated and you wonder where it’s all going to go.”

Rees has declared a state of emergency in the region that “will provide for a range of assistance to cover personal hardship and distress as well as funding for those who have suffered property damage.”

The floods follow a once-in-a-century heatwave in southeastern Australia.

Major wildfires caused by the heatwave razed over 2,000 homes and left 173 people dead.


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