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Wednesday 21st of November 2018
April 1, 2009

Direct Line wins most trusted insurer title

by Richard Kilner

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Direct Line wins most trusted insurer title Direct Line wins most trusted insurer title

Marketingweek.co.uk has reported the results of the Reader’s Digest annual survey, the ninth of its kind.

After five years of holding onto the top spot as most trusted insurance provider Norwich Union has lost out to Direct Line.

Brand loyalty is of utmost importance to firms, and many established financial brands have seen their reputations take a knock in the recent economic maelstrom.

Norwich Union may have lost out to Direct Line because of a combination of its own rebranding from the well-established Norwich Union brand to Aviva, as well as Direct Line’s recent advertising offensive with an emphasis on low costs (particularly important in a recession).

Eight years of Halifax domination in the most trusted mortgage lender category has come to an end.

The bank, which had to have competition law waived to permit Lloyds TSB to take it over, has been replaced by Nationwide as the most trusted British mortgage provider.

The Nationwide recently took over parts of the ailing Dunfermline Building Society, and with the battering the banking sector has taken over the last year and a half, it is perhaps unsurprising that a building society has topped the list for most trusted mortgage lender.

Lloyds TSB managed to hold onto its title as the most trusted bank/building society in the country.

Barclaycard and Visa have seen the award for most trusted credit card shift between the two firms for many years, and this time Barclaycard won the top spot.

It is perhaps an odd comparison, given that Barclaycard requires the Visa/Mastercard operating systems to function, but nevertheless Barclaycard won the award.


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