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Monday 24th of September 2018
March 18, 2009

Insurance renewal forms confuse householders

by David Masters

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Home insurance renewal forms are the most confusing documents received through the post, according to a poll of UK households.

Research commissioned by Gocompare.com found that 24% of Brits simple file their home insurance documents and allow the policy to renew automatically because they find the renewal documents too confusing.

Gocompare warns that because of this confusion, many insurance customers are missing out on the best available deals.

In addition, because the documents are not read through properly, insurance customers could be buying an inappropriate policy, or leaving themselves underinsured.

Hayley Parsons, Gocompare.com chief executive, said: “The language used and the technical nature of renewal documents make them a less than compelling read.”

However, she warned that householders should read through the documents to ensure they are getting good value for their premium payments, and to check that they have the right cover for their needs.

Utility bills were the second most difficult document for households to understand, with 20% of those polled finding them frustrating to read.


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