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December 22, 2008

Bruce Willis stars in Aviva rebranding ads

by David Masters

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Bruce Willis stars in Aviva rebranding ads

To transform itself into a globally recognisable brand, Norwich Union is changing its name to Aviva, and it is paying £9 million for the privilege.

A-list celebrities have been recruited to headline the TV-ad driven rebranding campaign, which will launch on Boxing Day.

Bruce Willis, Ringo Starr and Elle Macpherson are among the line up who will help metamorphose Norwich Union into Aviva.

Global insurance giant Aviva is a worldwide brand; only in the UK and Poland is it known under a different name, and the company hopes to change that with its new advertising campaign.

Celebrities have been chosen for the adverts because they changed their name to help them rise to fame.

Bruce Willis was formerly known as Walter Willis, Ringo Starr was born as Richard Starkey, whilst supermodel Elle Macpherson changed her name from Eleanor Gow.

Recent research in the UK found that 20% of people questioned had heard of Aviva, whilst 90% recognised the Norwich Union brand.

Norwich Union aims to complete the name change by June 2009.


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