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Monday 20th of May 2019
October 23, 2008

Cheshire offers a 25% discount as Bonfire Night gift

by Richard Kilner

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Homeowners are being advised by Cheshire Building Society to check their home insurance as Bonfire Night approaches.

Cheshire, which provides home insurance by RSA, is offering a 25% discount on its contents insurance premium, for a limited period, for those who buy its Select buildings and contents insurance policy.

Although a great annual festival, Bonfire Night is accompanied by an inevitable spike in accidents and property damage.

Generally home insurance will protect the structure and contents, but many leave gardens and trees unprotected and may lack home emergency cover.

Cheshire’s product manager, Karen Torson, points out that security can also be an issue, as large gatherings held in homes can be perfect for brazen burglars to enter unnoticed.

To help protect people from possible dangers presented by the 5th of November, Cheshire has compiled a list of suggestions for homeowners.

Individuals are advised to store fireworks securely, away from flammable material, and to only erect bonfires a safe distance from buildings.

Children should be strictly supervised given the obvious dangers on the night, and fireworks should be purchased only from registered sellers.

Pets should be kept inside, and those misusing fireworks (which can be lethal in the worst circumstances) should be reported to the police.


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