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Wednesday 22nd of May 2019
October 20, 2008

Rebranding of dd2group as Bircroft Group

by Richard Kilner

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The former dd2group of companies has undergone a makeover by chief executive David Birchenall and co-founder Douglas Gordon and been renamed as Bircroft Group.

Specialist firms which provide property funding and insurance coverage for a wide spectrum of sectors in the British Isles and across the globe comprise the rebranded Bircroft Group.

David Birchenall and Douglas Gordon launched the business 18 years ago, with the insurance aspect led by MD Ian Lee.

On the global stage the Bircroft Group has arranged property funding worth £10bn and £15bn of insurance coverage.

A deal struck with Birchenall and administrator BDO Stoy Hayward to acquire Dawnay, Day International’s interest in London and Dublin’s dd2group of firms pre-empted the rebranding.

Birchenall thus took a controlling stake in the business, with Lee increasing his equity in the insurance subsidiary.

Birchenall explained that the rebranding helpfully eliminated the confusing array of names for differing parts of the company, and that a unified brand name would assist the firm in enhancing its profile.


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