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Sunday 26th of May 2019
July 16, 2008

Aon appoints Tompsett as risk leader

by Richard Kilner

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Aon is revamping its public sector risk team, and has announced the appointment of Phil Tompsett as the new national leader.

He has worked for the firm for 12 years, and leaves behind his previous position as head of client management in the North West.

Tompsett is tasked with improving the team by bringing in expertise from across Aon, in addition to using his own experience (such as the situation regarding the EU and the environment) to good effect within the UK.

In addition to his appointment, a quartet of others have been to made to Aon’s public centres of excellence.

Tim Devine and Stephen Couch join Leicester and Chelmsford respectively, with Glasgow and Manchester being bolstered by the presence of Graham Munro and Karen Adegoke.

The decision has been made in a bid to lessen potentially astronomical litigation claims by enhancing the service provided by the firm.

Aon is a leading player in the field, with more than two in five Local Authorities (42%) and almost a quarter (24%) of upper quartile registered social landlords.


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